Green Indonesia and EcoFlores

The Ecoflores Network seeks to improve the wellbeing of local communities in Flores through networking which triggers local initiatives, cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders, is attractive for business investments, and achieves collective impact.  To this end a foundation was established in 2012, a first congress was organized to consolidate the network and initiate partnerships and now a second congress is planned.  To guarantee an inclusive event and allow for optimum participation of local partners in the Congress we request your support.  

Flores and EcoFlores
Flores is among the economically least developed parts of Indonesia. Without rich resources of timber and minerals, no large scale extractive industries were developed. With its geographically marginalized position, levels of poverty are comparatively high and the mortality of mother and infants is among the highest in Indonesia. A population of about 1.8
million people is largely dependent on subsistence agriculture and exploitation of natural resources. With industry underdeveloped, the natural resources of forest and sea are already overexploited.

At the same time, the clear waters, rugged nature, unique flora and fauna and a diverse culture of Flores have become increasing attractive for tourism development. However, this development has come at a price, as is shown in Labuan Bajo the gate to Komodo National Park. Waste accumulation and water shortages as well as limited local food production are a burden to local government and inhabitants. The dependency of the tourist industry on food imports excludes local communities from participating.

Although tourism seems promising, infrastructure and services are as yet insufficient. Furthermore, the carrying capacity of local population, as well as the opportunities for local people and businesses to take part in the development is often neglected and/or plainly ignored, as the industry demands faster growth and an immediate return on investments.
Concern about sustainability and equity in economic development, and the lack of cooperation and coordination among the many stakeholders, has brought together over 200 individuals with a particular interest in Flores: local and foreign entrepreneurs with investments in Flores; small and large scale hospitality businesses researchers; local and national NGOs; project proponents from different organizations; consultants in nature conservation; local and international health workers; housewives and farmers; church
workers as well as local government staff, attempting to collaborate in developing Flores in a more coherent and sustainable manner. The Eco Flores network was born and a social movement initiated, with individual
members contributing expertise, time and resources to collectively further the goals of a sustainable, economically viable, and inclusive development in Flores.

About Eco Flores Foundation
Started as a local initiative for improvement of welfare and welbeing on Flores by Nina van Toulon, a movement was started and EcoFlores was born.   It is driven by volunteers, each bringing different expertise and experiences, and collectively aspiring to develop Flores for the improvement of the welfare and well being of all those who live and stay in Flores. The EcoFlores Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Jakarta. We initiate and facilitate partnership efforts for sustainable development of Flores through support of viable initiatives related to community and individual based activities and businesses. Our ultimate aim is to provide a basis for and supporting sustainable and environmental friendly all-inclusive based progress in Flores. In particular initiatives involving  the development of tourism in Flores, its spin-off, as well as the expected fall-out related to the pressure on the environment are important. As well global climate change factors relevant for Flores (mitigation and change) will determine the activities by the Congress participants facilitated by the professional facilitators/advisors.
To this end, Eco-Flores facilitates and fosters collaboration between a multitude of National and International stakeholders, based on an all-inclusive principle. The facilitation includes sharing of expertise, and provision of technical support, with EcoFlores functioning as a hub for those who are interested in partnership initiatives/projects/businesses in Flores.
At present EcoFlores is coordinated by Mrs. Nina van Toulon, but most of the activities are initiated and managed by volunteers (experienced advisors) from Flores, and from other parts of the world. EcoFlores can be found on the website: and on facebook:

About the stakeholders
Eco Flores Foundation connects communities and individuals, among which are local pioneers and champions, local-, national- and international NGOs, local-, national- and international universities and researchers, local and national governmental departments, businesses, companies with a Corporate Social Responsibility program. During the first Congress, the ambassador of New Zealand was an honored guest showing great commitment. Two district heads (East Manggarai and west Manggarai), were present, as well as a respected representative of the group of Indonesien corporations. The former minister of Environment, Mr. Sonny Keraf, gave a heartfelt speech about development of Eastern Indonesia. In short people from “all walks of life”, who are all engaged and committed in their own professional as well as personal way to support the development of Flores.  All stakeholders of this platform have a stake in the development, which is often part of their own development. So it is not just an idea or ideology, but a sincere desire to get improvements going to improve their own and the wellbeing of their fellow citizens.  

Waste Management:
Eco Flores coordinates and facilitates the start-up and integrated development of Waste Management – Green Indonesia and Bank Sampah Eco Flores initiates collaborations between stakeholders to reach the following goals:
• To support effortsfor pollution reduction and preservation of the environment
• To raise awareness about Reduce, Reuse and Recycling by introducing Green Indonesia school program in Flores primary schools
• To raise awareness about Bank Sampah
To support the establishment of Bank Sampahs on Flores and to kick-start this project Eco Flores Foundation will host a stakeholders workshop from 25 to 26 october 2013 in Bajawa, Ngada, Flores
Schedule for this 2-day workshop:
Facilitator at this meeting:
Ms. Meghan Larson, Waste Management Consultant, 2 years working in SE Asia on Community-Based Waste Management Initiatives including working as an advisor with Bappeda Ende as regarding Bank $ampah Ende and regional waste planning.

local NGO, Government officials of the local Environmental and Education Departments, companies with CSR program.

From 28 to 30 October 2013 we continue into Eco Flores Working Conference II. Here we are scheduled to bring forward the input and output of previous meeting into the working group Waste Management. This working group includes officials of the local government Environmental and Education Departments. The working group members are in a position to support further development and implementation in community based projects regarding waste management, introduction of the Green Indonesia educational program.
From 1 November onwards Ms. Meghan Larson will introduce the Green Indonesia educational program accross Flores.

The Green Indonesia program will be introduced using a multi-faceted approach:

• 2 day workshop on Waste Management to community leaders and local NGOs including waste mapping techniques, introduction to Bank Sampah program, and Green Indonesia school kits in October 2013
• 1 day workshops with all 8 Kabupatens on Flores to introduce the Green Indonesia program with participants from Ministry of Education and Environmental Stewardship divisions in November 2013
• Informal meetings with community leaders and local NGOs to promote the Green Indonesia program and recruit volunteers teacher trainers
• Multi-sector clean up event across Flores registered with in April 2014

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