Hello! I'm Meghan. Rubbish Report started off back in 2010 as Kate and I departed for our 6 month CIDA internship with Sustainable Cities. It was a place to share our stories and experiences with family and friends and dive into one of our favourite topics: WASTE!

Since finishing our contract in the Philippines I have continued on with the blogging as I returned to South East Asia once again to work on community based waste management in Flores, Indonesia.

About Me:

A coastal girl at heart I grew up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. As a young girl I always dreamed of seeing new places and exploring. Which is not surprising considering I grew up with parents who love long drives down dirt roads and road trips to new destinations.

Since the age of 17 I have fulfilled my own wanderlust by finding jobs or schools in different places to call home

I believe saltwater is the cure for most things. I love sunsets but have found a new appreciation for sunrise. I believe that kindness and patience is always better than frustration and angry. I'm a big advocate for slowing down and savoring food and the company you are with (though I don't always have the luxury of doing so). I think that working hard is important and that if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it.