Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rubbish Report // Improve Your Household Recycling

So if you've been reading my blog for awhile now I would hope that you are already on the recycling bandwagon (Dad I'm looking at you!) but did you know you could unintentionally be sending your recycling to the landfill?

While every recycling collector is different here our some easy tips for ensuring that you are maximizing your recycling while ensuring that your recycling you putting out is getting recycled and not sent to the trash. 

Why you might ask? Most recycling is sorted by hand or machine in a Material Recovery Facility. If recycling is bagged or "nested" in can be rejected at some facilities. 

DON'T: Tie up your recycling in plastic bags. For safety reasons, these bags cannot be opened once they reach the recycling facility. The only exception is shredded paper, which must be tied in a clear bag so that the contents can be identified (loose shredded paper can blow away and become litter). Anything else that has been tied into a plastic bag - even if its see through - will be discarded. 

DO: Keep it loose! Instead of tying recycling in a plastic bag throw materials loose into the recycling bin.

DON'T: Nest materials. While stacking containers that held the same contents is okay (i.e. yogurt containers), metal and plastic containers stacked together are difficult to separate. Similarly, papers stashed inside a cereal or shoe box can't be separated. Materials arriving at the recycling facility in any of these ways cannot be recycled and will be sent to the landfill. 

So what's the take home message here? Keep it simple, throw your recycling loose into your collection container to ensure maximum recycling of the material at the recycling facility

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