Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rubbish Report // 02.04.15

Rubbish Report is part of my monthly series on Zero Waste. It's a space to share videos, links, and all the geeky waste related articles I've enjoyed this week. 

Let's start this first Rubbish Report with.... ZOMBIES

ACC Recycling Division - Recycle MORE Zombies PSA from ACC Public Information on Vimeo

Downtown Athens has a new single-stream recycling bin, but mindless zombies still throw away their recyclables.

Blogs I'm Loving

Trash is For Tossers I mention this blog in my last post but thought it was worth mentioning again. If you haven't already check out Lauren Singer's super cool Zero Waste Blog.

In the News

Time to turn in the meds say pharmacist - RDN

Repair Cafe aims to reduce waste - CRD

Food scraps recycling a challenge for Metro Vancouver condos - Metro Van

Fun Facts

Energizer's new AA batteries are made with 4% recycled batteries, require less virgin material to produce, are long lasting and recyclable. 

These long-lasting, recyclable batteries require less frequent replacement, which means fewer post-consumer batteries in the waste stream. And, less virgin material extraction means less resource depletion, less energy consumption, and fewer greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Through life cycle assessment, Energizer has found that each Energizer EcoAdvanced battery significantly reduces greenhouse gases, compared to Energizer alkaline batteries that do not contain recycled material.  Full Article Here

I love all things waste related so send me your questions, links, blogs and videos to share as part of next week's Rubbish Report

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