Monday, November 24, 2014

Household Recycling: Why do you have to be so complicated?

In British Columbia, we pride ourselves on having fantastic recycling programs. Everything from your milk cartons, beverage containers, newspapers, AA batteries and even your old telephone or light bulbs can be recycled here. But with such an extensive list of items there is still a lot of confusion.

Can you put it out at the curbside or do you need to take it somewhere else?

I'm currently loving Waste Management's new Recycle Often. Recycle Right campaign. Their clever graphics get straight to the point and are easy to understand.

Having worked on waste management projects in three countries and a number of different locales, its clear that not all messages work the same in all locations.

In North America, a lot of focus is spent on making recycling 'easy' and 'accessible' compared to Indonesia or the Philippines where the focus is on secondary income but the end goal is still the same. Less waste to landfill (or other disposal means) more raw materials recovered = less energy used.

 I just wish recycling was really this simple.

Recycle Often

Keep Food Out of Recycling

Plastic Bags

So what motivates you to recycle? I'd love to know what messages work (or how I can convice the men in my life that recycle is worth their time!)

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