Friday, August 8, 2014

Those 6 months in Asia

I fell behind, I didn't keep in touch. There was too much and at the same time not enough to put words and pictures down on a page. Those six months in Asia (Indonesia and the Philippines) became personal time. I took a risk and jumped into the life I wanted to be living. Some days were better than others.

There were sunsets (oh the sunsets)

A few sunrises

Early morning yoga classes

Shared Meals

Family Time

Road Trips

New Discoveries

A few setbacks


And a lot of work that still brings a smile to my face

I feel like it would take a lifetime to put into words how I filled my days from October til May. There were busy days and there were slows ones. There was basketball practices, and beauty pageants. 

Most importantly over those six months I took a chance on myself. I gave myself the freedom to work on things I feel passionately about, I practiced yoga (almost) everyday, I took a chance on love, I reconnected with friends and colleagues, I got my open water diving certification, I dove with turtles and manta rays, I showed my best friend around one of the many places I have called home and did it all with no regrets.

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