Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Colleen

I first met Colleen 2 years ago in San Juan. She was also a former SCI intern with the City Government in San Fernando and like all the previous interns before we formed an instant bond. 

Colleen is a powerhouse of an individual and once she commits to something is in it 110%. From starting up her own environmental NGO, social entrepreneurship (you are missing out if haven't tried her sunrise granola!), to charging big waves there is nothing she can't do. 

She is one of those individuals where a casual morning coffee turns into proposal writing for a kids art project or a column in the local paper. 

can't wait to help celebrate your birthday in person and look forward to having you as a neighbour once again (4hrs is just too far away) because you help to inspire me to do great work as well! 

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