Saturday, August 16, 2014

Extreme Teaching

Some of life's greatest moments are sparked out of random conversations and late night dreaming. Its making those dreams a reality that requires a lot of hard work.

One such dreamy night happened earlier this year when I hosted dinner on my rooftop for three lovely ladies. My friend Cat had recently quit her job in Manila and wanted to return to teaching and hopefully start to build a life together with her boyfriend, Jazzy, in San Juan. She was in the process of applying for teaching positions with a number of different private schools around the Philippines, the whole time realizing that what she really wanted to be doing was teaching at the local school in Urbiztondo.

Cat, working with the local groms in San Juan during our Environmental Mural Project

This September Cat turned that dream into a reality. She turned to private donations to help sponsor her teaching at Urbiztondo Elementary. Her mission is to provide quality education to an under-resourced high needs public school that would otherwise not be able to gain access to a native english teacher.

To find out more about her project and how you can help check out her website Extreme Teaching

Small monthly donations can go a long way to supporting this project. The disparity in education opportunities between rich and poor areas in the Phillippines is apparent. As in many places, those with access to better education, especially in English, encounter greater opportunities throughout their lives.

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