Thursday, November 15, 2012

The People You Meet: Langa Village

This is a series on different people I’ve met that have made an impression. Some are people I know well, others are just chance encounters that have left a lasting impression. I strongly believe that it is not the place we go in life that change us but the people we meet. 

During my work trip with Eco Flores we had the chance to visit the traditional Village of Langa near Bajawa. This afternoon is by far one of the highlights of my time here in Flores. The people of the village were so welcoming. See for yourself...

Traditional Weaving Process using new designs and colours

Little Trouble Makers

I could have watched this all day. Here she is stringing thread from raw material by hand. 

Bapak seperating the cotton from seeds. The ladies informed us this was just for show as the men don't normally take part.

Traditional Bajawa design

Creating the design, later the threads will be dyed to create the design. 

Threads after dying

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