Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The People You Meet: Dr. Ellya Dewi

This is a series on different people I’ve met that have made an impression. Some are people I know well, others are just chance encounters that have left a lasting impression. I strongly believe that it is not the place we go in life that change us but the people we meet. 

Hands down this women is the reason my placement in Ende has been successful. Inspiring doesn’t even begin to describe Dr. Dewi. 

What is so inspiring? Its a breath of fresh air to meet someone who not only sees the big picture of project planning but is more importantly able to take small actions to actually achieve their goals.

Dr. Dewi showing off bags made in our office from recycled material 
Case in point: She is the brains behind the success of the Bank Sampah program here in Ende. Under her initiative she was able to secure funding from the local government, train staff, secure a location to ensure the success of the Bank Sampah program. She is a manager that doesn’t just talk she acts. And rightly, has gained the respect of her staff and the community. 

Spotting plastic and cardboard about to be burned, steps in to take the material back to Bank Sampah

On island or even city where programs are often underfunded, basic infrastructure is lacking and staff are unmotivated to work (generally due to low salaries or lack of education and experience), Dr. Dewi makes things happen despite all of these challenges.

Sadly, for the Bank Sampah program Dr. Ellya Dewi will be returning to the Puskesmas (Local Community Health Centre) to work as a dentist. However, I know she has inspired her staff to continue running the program.

At a coworkers wedding, we had to switch shoes so our heigh difference wasn't so big. 

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