Thursday, October 18, 2012

Feels like Coming Home

I've talked before about how there are a lot of places I've called home. This December I will be 'coming home' but not to Canada... to my second Asian home in the Philippines, San Juan.

I'm so happy to be returning to the Philippines (again) over the Christmas break. I can't wait to celebrate Christmas (and my birthday) with friends on the beach, and most importantly celebrate Clara and Boy's wedding!

I'm already looking forward to seeing familiar faces...

Clara and Jonathan (both former SCI interns) applying sunscreen pre-surf during my visit last June
Two of my fav Wahines: Elaine owner of Surfista Travels and Marie of Angel and Marie's (the best place to eat in San Juan)

Celebrating Xson's birthday back in 2010. Has it really been 2 years since I met these crazy kids???


River, San Juan Surf Camp's resident dog, catching a sweet ride back in June

And so much more...

I feel incredibly lucky to have called this little surf paradise 'home' for six months. My friend and fellow SCI intern said it best "It's More Fun in the Philippines"

So although I will dearly miss my family again this year (only the 3rd time in 28 years I haven't spent Christmas with my parents). I'm excited for a Pinoy Xmas 2012 filled with parties, jeepney rides, surf sessions, and the best of friends!

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