Monday, September 10, 2012

The Pen Pal Project

When I was a little girl there was nothing more exciting than getting mail whether it was postcards from aunts I’d never met or letters from pen pals around the world. There was a simple joy in discovering a hand written note just for you in the mail.
So here’s the deal:

I want to be your new pen pal! Its simple, write to me and I will write back. Send me a card, letter, postcard, whatever! And I promise to write back (and probably include a print of one of my photos from Flores or Bali).

Source: via Noelle on Pinterest

So tell me a story, update me on your life, ask me a question, anything goes. 

My mailing address here in Ende is:
Meghan Larson
c/o Bappeda Ende
Jl El Tari No. 6
Ende, NTT
Indonesia 86317


  1. I have a little something for you in the works :)