Friday, September 21, 2012

Off to Find Komodos

Today I finally making the trip to Labaun Bajo, the jumping off point for exploring Komodo and Rinca Island, home to the infamous Komodo Dragons!!!

Not my photo
Though what I'm almost equally excited for is to discuss waste with other NGOs over a four days at the Eco Flores Congress. Be sure to check out the Eco Flores website.

Flores Island is on the brink of major development with projections for visitors to Komodo National Park next year at 1 million visitors! (Article from the Jakarta Post here) 1 million visitors to an area with no proper waste management... lets just think about that for a minute. 

I'm really looking forward to speaking with some of the tour operators in the area to learn how they plan to prepare for this influx of visitors next year. Flores is currently being promoted heavily as the next Bali of Indonesia but it still has a long way to go. (article here)

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