Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apa itu EcoFlores/What is EcoFlores

I'm currently in Labuan Bajo  for the Eco Flores Congress until Saturday.

The first day has just wrapped up and already I am so inspired by the individuals I have met. It really is amazing the initiatives that are already happening here on Flores.
My vision of a sustainable Flores includes segregated
waste bins people powered waste collection in cities

From EcoTourism, to Water and Sanitation. From Marine Conservation to Cultural Hertigae. From Fisheries and Agriculture to Waste Management. Local experts and community members from Flores as well as a number of International experts are all here in Labuan Bajo to discuss what a sustainable future for Flores looks like and how we can achieve.

My heart was already singing today as a number of groups mentioned the importance of proper waste management so fingers crossed I can collaborate with a number of different groups over the following months.

For those that don't know the Eco Flores Network was established in 2010 by Nina Van Toulon. Who has to be one of the most humble person I've ever met. Nina allowing with a team of volunteers has worked tiredlessy over the last year to make this Eco Flores Congress happen. And what a crucial link it is. Many of the NGOs are meeting for the first time and already connections are being made and actions and training's are in the works. After all way reinvented the wheel when your neigbhbour can already teach you how to make one.

You can read more about Eco Flores here

The "take your breath away" sunset in Labuan Bajo

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