Monday, April 2, 2012

Bali Blues and the Road to Recovery

Whether I am in Canada or half way around the world, there is no avoiding the fact that I get sick a lot. I'm like a walking magnet for the common cold. I'm pretty good at listening to my body and knowing when I need to slow down and take a rest and let my body recharge.

However, this last week I've been at lost for what my body has been trying to tell me. After more than a week of barely having the strength to leave my bed and having a mysterious rash all over my body, I finally made the decision to travel back to Bali for some more medical advice.

Of course I tried seeking medical advise in Ende but I was given varying diagnosis everything from bells palsey, measles, allergies, to "its just the wind".

Again I know my own body and I could feel that something just wasn't right. Unfortunately, all of the tests to date have come back inconclusive. The doctor is thinking that I may have contracted dengue fever (though I never presented with the fever). So now its just a waiting game to see if my overall health improves over the next few days.

So once again I'm back on the beautiful island of Bali and unable to fully experience it. For now its just lots of rest, the occasional swim in the ocean when I have the energy (self prescribed vitaminSEA), and some lovely catch up with friends and family back home.

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