Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sampah Bank

Waste Management is still a fairly new concept in the City of Ende, but there are some shining lights and lots of opportunities for growth as the City starts to plan its waste management services.

One of my key roles here is working with the Bank Sampah $ahabat. The Sampah Bank (Sampah=Waste) opened in January 2012 and is already generating a lot of interest amoung residents and community groups. But don't take my word for it. Here's what the staff had to say about the new program:

  1. The Bank Sampah serves as a model organization for other groups in Ende wanting to learn how they can generate income from recycled materials;
  2. The Bank Sampah supports the waste management plans of the local government in Ende as well as provides a source of income generation for poor families; 
  3. The Sampah Bank encourages residents to exchange their recyclable material for money which they can save in an account, providing access to a savings account that many clients would not have access to otherwise; 
  4. Though still in the start up phase, the Bank Sampah has already generated interest within the community and is proving that there was clearly a market for recyclable material in Ende but previously no appropriate means for average residents to access the market;
  5. The Bank Sampah continues to bring in new clients each month and with continued promotion and education across sub districts and is quickly becoming a pillar of waste collection in Ende; and
  6. The Bank Sampah facilitates the missing link between large buyers of recyclable material from outside of the Flores Island and the individuals of Ende. 
A program of Sampah Bank where used tires are converted into segregated waste bins around the City

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