Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why I Actually Love Travelling with My Parents

I recently stumbled across this article at Matador Network on 10 reasons to travel with your parents an adult. Which got me thinking about how much I actually do love traveling with my parents. Over the past 10 years it has become a yearly tradition to meet up with my parents in a new location for our annual Christmas vacation or random weekend getaways around Vancouver Island. However, these trips are rarely the picture perfect, glossy magazine style family getaways one might imagine. Forget all-inclusive tropical vacations and over-scheduled family get-aways, when it comes to my family we tend to do things a little differently. 
Mom and I crossing the border from Costa Rica into Panama during a trip in 2008.
1. Strength in Numbers
Let’s face it, traveling is easier with a little support (both emotionally and financially). I’m far more likely to explore a crowded market or try the roadside cantina when I’m with people I trust and feel comfortable around. 
Traveling as three also allows us the freedom of leaving Dad behind to nap in the hammock, while Mom and I shop in the local market or search out the sloth rescue centre.
Avarios del Caribe located just outside Puerto Viejo on the Carribean side of Costa Rica is one of the few sloth rescue centres in the world. Definitely worth the local bus trip to get there!

2. Connect
Most of the year my parents and I live in different provinces or even different countries so traveling together provides us with time to connect and catch up on lost time. Traveling to different places even if its close to home allows us to escape from the stress of daily life and just enjoy being together. 

A rare glimpse of the top of the Arenal Volcano, A sight I have yet to see!
4. Shared Interests
When it comes to my family, our main shared interest is FOOD. Most days are planned around what we are going to eat for our next meal and searching out the best place to eat it. Whether it is grilling up some fresh caught fish or finding the best tacos in town you can always relay on us for food recommendations. 
But even more than that I love spending weeks trying to perfect the perfect salsa recipe with my mom or discovering how to eat a new fruit or vegetable. They are small things but they are also some of the simple joys in life that traveling allows us to indulge in.

We also share a love for the ocean. Here Dad and I are exploring the coastline by kayak around Pender Island on a quick weekend together at home on Vancouver Island. Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to really get away!

5. Fun
No child likes to admit it but I’ve reached that point in my life where I can actually admit it... My parents are a lot of fun. And really two of the best travel companions I’ve ever had. 

6. Learning Lessons
I am continually amazed by my Dad’s lack of language skills yet ability to communicate with just about anyone he meets. I remember visiting the small town of Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica for the first time with my parents and being greeted by all the locals who remembered meeting my Dad, two years ago. Maybe its the fact that he’s a 6’4 white guy with long grey hair, but I like to think that its his natural ability to make friends where ever he goes. Or my Mom who is the queen of bargaining and finding free things, if you need a map, new book, or the best deal on fresh fruit and vegetables she’s your gal. There more time I spend with my parents traveling and the more I have grown to admire their relationship and the amount of love that they both have for each (something rare in the world these days). I’ve also learned my love for exploration from them, whether its your own backyard or an entirely new country, the best way to see a new place is to throw out the map and the guidebook and just get lost. 

Mom and Dad in their new “home”. Enjoying a walk on Playa Bejuco near there new house in Las Lomas, Costa Rica. 

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  1. Still try to learn English, Spanish may come before I go deaf.