Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Same Lime Green Office, Different City.

A fellow volunteer asked me last night what would I miss most about my life back home? And I found myself lost for words.

My confusion wasn’t so much what would I miss (speciality food items like almond milk, quinoa, and fresh lettuce, and maybe my hair straightener!) but rather how did I define home?

It made me realize, I move around a lot! In the last two years I’ve lived in at least 7 different cities (not including short stays on friends couches across Canada and the US), held 6 different jobs and stepped foot in close to 10 countries.

At first glance, you might think I was restless.... And maybe that is partly true. But the truth lies closer to fact that I’ve simply followed opportunities wherever they might lead me and searched out new ones when the old ones ended. Which brings me to my current location, Ende, Flores, East Nusa Tenggar, Indonesia, in the lime green office of KPK a branch of the local government responsible for implementing waste programs within the city of Ende. For the next two years I will working in this office  4 days a week with the staff to help improve their program delivery to the community. 

And I couldn’t be more excited!

Sure there are things that I will miss, but they are more places and moments in time. Instead I shall focus on the things I enjoy (tempe and sambal, sunsets and volcanoes) and dream of showing family and friends around my new found home!

And I will keep wondering why we don’t paint our Environment Offices lime green in Canada, it seems to be such a popular colour choice in Asia.

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