Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quick Update

Life as a Volunteer... So Far
  • I arrived in Bali January 14th after more than 36 hours of traveling with layovers in London and Singapore. After some initial confusion regarding what flight I was arriving on I was happily greeted at the airport by fellow volunteers Sarah (from Netherlands) and Pam (from Canada). I moved into a shared house with two other volunteers, Charles (from Uganda) and Nancy (from Kenya), I also met Jack and Richard (also both from Kenya). Charles, Nancy and I spent the next three weeks living at our house in Sanur and navigating the crowded narrow streets of Bali each morning on bicycle to the VSO Office in Renon. Those first three weeks seem like a blur now as we got a crash course on VSO programmes, reporting, finance, culture. A large amount of our time was also spent taking language lessons with our teacher Daniel from Cinta Bahasa. Surprisingly, I actually really enjoyed language lessons though by the end of our two weeks I had definitely hit a wall with my learning. Most afternoons were spent shopping for produce for dinner, quick swims at the beach in Sanur or exploring the narrow lanes around our house. I loved Bali (or atleast what I saw of it). Each day riding home I would encounter a new ceremony or celebration. The traditional dress and daily offerings are beyond beautiful and the whole place smells of jasmine each day. I can’t wait to go back and explore this place more.

  • February 4th we all boarded a plane for Ende. For the first week I was staying at Puskopdtit (the local credit union training centre) and enjoying such luxuries as air conditioning and prepared meals. During that first week VSO hosted an Employer’s Workshop where we got to meet our partner organizations and discuss our hopes and fears, and objectives for our placements. I spent the rest of the week being shown around by my partner and looking at various accommodation options. I finally settled on a kos located near one of my offices. 

  • So far life is good. Simple but good. 
Arrival in Ende!

Our first tour around Ende. Richard and Morris clearly excited about our arrival.

Employer's Workshop 

The view from Puskoptit where we stayed for our first week in Ende.
Exploring the night market and beaches with Hesti and Yuli from VSO

Pool Hits: One of the past ways to spend a hot afternoon in Ende. 

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