Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Place Called Home

"Life's a voyage that's homeward bound"
- Herman Melville 

Snapshots of the places I've called "home" in the past 10 years

To say I've moved around a lot in the past 10 years in an understatement. I'm fairly confident that I have not lived at the same fixed address for more than 8 months in the past 10 years. Which certainly makes answering simply questions like, "Where is home for you?" quite difficult.

What I've found is that home is more a state of mind than anything. It is a place where you are surrounded and supported by people you love. A place to call your own. I feel very fortunate to have called some pretty spectacular (and well let's face it some not so spectacular places) "home" everything from large houses with multiple roommates, beachside houses, rundown apartments, friend's couches and everything in between.

It is with nervous anticipation and excitement that I look forward to discovering my new home in Indonesia.

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