Friday, January 20, 2012

Bali - First Impressions

My first week in Bali has been far from an Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray Love moment. In truth, it has been a lot of work. From in country orientation to language lessons, to figuring out how to get from our house to the VSO office there has hardly been much free time. But what I can tell you is that the people I have met so far have been incredibly friendly and most days I have a permanent smile plastered to my face. And just as the jet lag is slowly starting to disappear so is the rain (Did I mention its rainy season right now?).  So for now I will continue to enjoy the daily routine of navigating the crazy streets of Denpasar on my bicycle, practicing my Bahasa Indonesia and getting to know my fellow VSO volunteers. 

Sampai Jumpa 


  1. hehe I just watched eat pray love the other night! Pictures looks amazing and glad that while you've had a busy week, you've met some great people and are starting to settle in :) Miss you!

  2. Thanks Keira! Hopefully more pictures to come soon! I wish I could say I have been riding my bicycle through the countryside ala Julia roberts but instead it has been dodging cars and motorbikes and Dogs in the busy streets of Denpasar.

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