Wednesday, November 23, 2011

With CUSO your donations go even further!

As a volunteer with CUSO-VSO I am helping to fundraise $2,000. This money goes directly to help support sending more skilled volunteers overseas next year. With CUSO-VSO your donations stretch even further as every $1 donated is matched 9:1 by CIDA (the Canadian International Development Agency).  CUSO-VSO is the North American member of the international VSO Federation. The Federation is a worldwide partnership of Voluntary Service Organizations (VSOs) based in the U.K., the Netherlands, Kenya and the Philippines, as well as Canada.

Together, these VSO entities make up the world’s largest non-governmental, international development organization that works through volunteers. With CUSO joining the VSO international family, the federation now works in 43 countries, in all regions of the Developing World and have sent more than 11,000 volunteers over their 50 year histories.

CUSO-VSO places educators and health professionals overseas, but also sends volunteers from many fields of expertise, ranging from agriculture to human rights, from community economic development to AIDS prevention, from eco-tourism to technology.

Our volunteers work collaboratively with local people to equip them with the skills they need to ensure they can exercise their basic human rights. These include the right to a livelihood, an education, basic healthcare, a safe environment, a say in the future, and equal access to opportunity.

Click this link to read more about my placement and contribute to my fundraising goal.

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