Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life and LOVE in the Philippines

Seeing as how all our work-related activities have been fairly desk-related these days, we don't have much to report by way of rubbish-related news .

Certainly, the Sanitation Ordinance we're helping to amend is coming along smoothly, and should be accepted by the city council before New Years. Progress on our SWM Manual/Resource Guide on the other hand, is a bit stalled. As the project is rather self-directed, it's been difficult to stay on task with so many other assignments falling in our laps from varying sources. If it's not the promotions campaign for the Sanitation Program, it's another seminar or lecture on Climate Change or some other environmentally-focused topic that we need to attend.

We plan to be moving past the research and data-collection phase of the manual before Christmas however, so we're getting ready to buckle down soon.

On another - more personal - note, I have finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of learning how to surf. In fact, I've even gone so far as to catch a wave without help from my instructor and to stand up and turn, on various occasions. Indeed, our free time has certainly been taken up by a number of inspiring and interesting activities since moving from San Fernando to San Juan, many of which have been captured in the pictures displayed below.



San Juan Surf Break - Meghan and Firth get pulled up on stage after a few too many Red Horses
Meghan and I get way too excited about the portable Eco-San Toilets at the Surfing Competition
Jason makes fun of us for buying the overpriced Surf Break t-shirts
New friends with motorcycles!
Who take us on an adventure in the countryside!
And store their bikes underneath our laundry!
Girls Surfing Competition at San Juan. I'm the one on the far left...
Awards Ceremony. Guy in the ridiculous hat is my instructor. I believe he tried to sincerely propose marriage to both Meghan and myself on the same night
Amor gets a flea bath. Meghan and I are next.
Quality time with 'Daddy'
No thanks.
Firth's brother comes to visit
Meghan and I pretend to enjoy their company...
On our way to Mount Pinatubo! Site of the world's most violent and destructive volcanic event of the 20th Century!
Even more bliss!

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