Monday, November 29, 2010

Manila By Any Means

Earlier this week Kate and I ventured to Manila to get our visas for our upcoming trip to Vietnam and attend the Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines' Annual Conference. Manila is a hard place to sum up in one blog post so for now I will leave you with a small snapshot of our trip through tales of our transportation woes:
  • Regular travel time between San Fernando and Manila = 6-7 hours. Free ride with the City Driver = 4 hours!
  • Average time it took to find a taxi driver who wouldn't try to charge us 600 pesos for a ride that should only cost 100 pesos = 1 hour
  • Attempting to ride the MRT = 12 pesos each. Time we spent waiting "in line" for the train squeezed like sardines in between tiny Filipino women before we began to fear for our lives and gave up = 1 hour
  • 'Ambulance Ride' with the City Health Office from Manila to San Fernando = under 4 hours with a 30 minute stop for dinner and 10 years off of our lives!
  • Learning the hard way that we should have just bought a map and walked every where = Another example of Kate and I doing everything the hardest and slowest way possible.
View from the stretcher in the back the ambulance on route to San Fernando from Manila (Too bad we didn't get a picture of Kate trying to squeeze her head under the stretcher 'seatbelt' while choking back her sobs of terror as I fell in and out of a gravol-induced slumber)


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