Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life in San Juan

San Juan sometimes feels world's away from our daily work life in San Fernando. While the downtown core of San Fernando is busy and crowded, we have found a safe haven on the beaches of Urbiztondo (the barangay we now call home). Though we are still a long way from truly being accepted as "locals" we've found a place where its ok to wear shorts in public or even god forbid a bikini. Our list of friends has expanded from random dogs at the local resorts to a group of rowdy surf instructors and locals. Rather than worrying how we will find things to fill our weekends with, I now look forward to weekends spent surfing in Bacnotan (Despite Kate's dislike for the Cement Factory in the distance, I find something appealing about surfing next to an industrial area not to mention the beautiful clean waves that roll in and the long ride I know is waiting for me), early mornings spent sipping coffee at Little Surf Maid, watching the surfers at Point Break, nights spent at Angel and Marie's, and bonfires on the beach.

Best way to start the morning! Fresh brewed coffee at Little Surf Maid and the best views in all of San Juan

Helping Firth celebrate his 25th Birthday.

And yes sometimes I even appreciate Amor though I could do without the constant sneak attacks and biting.


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