Friday, October 29, 2010


Kate: Hello all! Work has picked up like crazy these days and finding time to blog (something I'm horrible at doing anyways) is becoming more and more difficult so Meghan and I are doin' this one on the fly. Take it away Larson!

Meghan: First off, we survived our first typhoon!!! And have quickly learnt some helpful tips for how to make it through the next one. Kate and I's strategies were slightly different. After getting sent home from work at noon on Monday, we spent the next day and a half stuck at our house with no power or water. So what did I do most of the day Monday you ask? SLEEP. What better time for a nap!

Kate: My strategy for typhoon survival on the other hand, was to take an ativan and drink a half a bottle of wine while Meghan slept.

Typhoon aside, we're settling into our new home quickly and finally meeting some people our age that may potentially become friends!!! Friends!!!!

If that doesn't pan out, we've adopted a new kitty cat to keep us company. Named after a co-worker, Amor is completely helpless and is costing us a fortune in veterinary bills so I'm still on the fence about whether or not taking her in was a good idea. Also, she's covered in fleas.

Meghan: Kate is neglecting to mention that one of our new friends includes a lovable old Labrador dog at a Surf Resort we frequent. He's slightly mangy but loves belly rubs and the never ending attention we provide it. I’m actually only mentioning the dog in the blog however, so that I can post some pictures of Kate totally creeping on it after a few too many drinks the other night.
Anyways, speaking of surfing, I've almost got Kate convinced to give it a try and once she says go, we have a long list of surf instructors who have offered up their services to us. One only has to ask the question, "do I trust my safety to Lemon, Exxon, or Junior (none of whom seem to understand a word that comes out of our mouths)???"
Kate: Extra-curricular activities aside. Work is ramping up like crazy. We've been thrown head-first into a promotions campaign for the new septage treatment plan in San Fernando and the various tasks we've been asked to do have ranged from the ridiculous, to the 'way over our head'. One day, we're given the task to create detailed graphics (Hah!) for the posters about sanitation (see below) and the next day, we're asked to attend the city council meeting to approve the new sanitation ordinance and speak on behalf of the program (i.e. laugh at us and ignore us). It's been crazy, and although we've been enjoying the feeling of being NEEDED, I can't help but wish that my day to day work activities directly involved more of the actual people we've been sent here to assist! Of course, I realize that the septage program IS going to help the people of San Fernando but I selfishly wish I could be doing more hands-on work, instead of getting caught up in all these politics.

Once the septage stuff calms down in November, community-based solid waste management will take over again and for that I’m a happy woman. I still can’t wait to try and get this study of informal recyclers off the ground...

Meghan: Indeed, in all of this craziness, I have spent a large percentage of my day in MS Paint editing graphics!!!! And even though I’ve had my fair share of dealing with Canadian politicians at home, even my patience is tested while watching city council members play on their i-pads, text or just straight up laugh at us while we’re trying to help them get this program off the ground.

The only downside that’s going to come along with "actually" getting out into the community to do some hands-on work however, is the constant reminder that we still do not speak the language and try as I might my recent language lessons over beers in San Juan are not going to help me talk to a community about solid waste! If I want to know if someone is single, handsome, or wants coffee though, I'm set.

Alas, to relieve our stress from work, we have taken to home decorating lately, which is a challenge given our limited furniture and finances (i.e. we're not willing to spend any money). At the moment, we’re currently debating whether splattering paint on cardboard/plywood/Styrofoam OR custom printed plastic tarpaulins are more chic as wall hangiings.

Kate: That’s about it for now. Big surfing competion this weekend. We’re heading to the beach bright and early tomorrow morning to catch some of the local talent and promote the ECO-SAN PORTABLE TOILETS being used for the influx of tourists the beach is planning for.

ECO-SAN PORTABLE TOILETS!!!! We’re witnessing the future here fellas.

Meghan: And now for photos:

Road leading to our house during the typhoon
Amor asleep on Meghan's lap at the office. Don't be fooled, she is now full of energy and no longer sleeps all day.

Kate's new best friend. I'll do us both a favour and not post the video of their first meeting.

Graphic Designers we are not. After hours in MS paint this is the best we could come up with. Please tell us you get the message?


  1. Oh yes. The picture is crystal clear! You drink the water - you drink poo and pee, so never drink water! This is why Coca Cola has come here to help your family out of this distress.

    No?? Oh... ;). Don't worry, the purification is fully understandable :)

  2. Haha, I feel you guys on the decorating dilemma!

    I have broken down and just spent the cash and hope that the next intern is a girl and will be willing to buy my linens and art off of me...

  3. I'm glad did not waste money on art school, but yes got the message