Thursday, October 14, 2010

10/10/10 San Fernando

We delivered our very first presentation for the City of San Fernando last weekend, inspired by the ‘10/10/10 Movement' that's been creating a lot of fuss these days. The discussion was held at the Sanitary Landfill here in San Fernando and at least 10 out of the 70 students who attended were ACTUALLY listening to us instead of texting, thus Meghan and I have considered the whole event to be a huge success.

Trust me, in this country 10 people listening says a lot.

Seriously though, the event went really well and even though I forgot we were planting trees after the presentation and was thus dressed in the most inappropriate attire possible, I actually think we connected with a special few students and I’m terrifically pleased by this notion. I had been struggling with the ‘Western’ view of Climate Change we were expected to present to our entirely Filipino audience but the efforts Meghan and I made to ensure that our presentation more closely identified with the audience was quite successful! Although I didn't enjoy telling a bunch of Filipino children that their homes could be underwater in a few years, it was inspiring to see their faces light up when we discussed their country's role in fighting climate change and helping them understand that although their area of the world has been one of the smallest contributors to CO2 emissions, we're all in it together now...

A person who is EASILY overwhelmed, I think that this idea that "a lot of little thoughts and actions by a lot of creative, motivated individuals operating in political, social, and economic systems that facilitate liberty" is kind of the way to go (Thanks William Easterly!). The ‘350’ movement really embodies this concept and I’m happy we took part in it. Check out the website:

Here's some more photos that didn't make it on the website:

The San Fernando 350 Team!

The latest in recycled clothing

I insisted on taking part! Like a true eco-warrior! Inappropriate outfit aside!

Getting the kids involved...some more reluctantly than others!

Celso diggin' up a storm

More talk about my stupid outfit...

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