Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where's the rubbish?

I was reminded today that although this blog is indeed entitled 'rubbish report' we have yet to post much content pertaining to actual work with rubbish, or rather, solid waste management here in the Philippines. Please stand by for more interesting info and pics derived from our daily activities...just as soon as we push through this chunk of policy work that has been consuming our schedules for the past few weeks. In the are some more pictures from the last week or so.

Vegetable curry with fresh coconut milk and various other tasty treats

First trip to San Juan...the 'surfer's beach'. Memories of watching 'Blue Crush' at 15 and thinking that my life would have more meaning if I was an amazing surfer with a rockin' bod have re-surfaced and forced Meghan and I to start looking for apartments close by...

...and this is where we plan to sit with a couple of 'san miguel' lights while waxing poetic after a long day of surfing

Office birthday party. Guy on the left is Meghan's new boyfriend.

'Jumping salad'. Not our favorite dish.

Water Monitoring at the city market

Another gorgeous sunset shared with our favorite Jesus statue.

- Kate

Please note there is plenty of "rubbish" in this report!!! The old man in the photo is clearly NOT my boyfriend. Kate does keep trying to push men on me though hopefully in the future she has better taste! - Meghan

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