Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Clarity in the Mountains

Perhaps it was the cool mountain air (or the ridiculous amount of air conditioning on the bus) but our trip this past weekend to Baguio allowed me sometime to reflect and clear my mind. As we climbed the hills outside of San Fernando we left behind not only the hot, humid weather but also the constant stares from locals. It was a relief to sit in solitude (or relative… after all there was a small child vomiting one seat in front of me!) and look out as the scenery past by.  For the first time in weeks I could actually appreciate the remarkable beauty this country has to offer.

Why is it that so often we do not appreciate the place we are in until we are ready to leave?  6 months from now will I look back and be sad to leave this hot, humid, hectic city? I am trying each day to find beauty in my surroundings, to take time to appreciate the opportunity that is literally lying at my doorstep, however sometimes it is difficult to see past the masses of people all vying for my attention, the endless haze of black exhaust and the streams of sweat pouring down my face.

But don’t feel too sorry for us, here is a quick photo summary of our weekend in Baguio (minus some great video of our rowing adventures in Burnham Park which was sadly lost when Kate’s camera was stolen)

Clockwise from the top left: Rowing on Burnham Park, House on the hillside in Baguio, A brief history lesson over a cup of coffee, jeepney traffic jam, stairway to heaven and our 1 1/2 massages, and views from Mines View Park.

- Meghan


  1. Sounds incredible. You're a natural writer, my dear!

  2. Z!! I can only aspire to be half the writer you are!!!

    You cross my mind at least 10x a day! The weather right now reminds me so much of my week in TO with you. Wish you could be here so we could spend our days discussing the world, while sipping on sangria and taking dips in the South China Sea.