Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And the Winners are...

I will be the first to admit that I have never considered myself a runner. I can count on one hand the number of 5 and 10 km runs I have participated in in the past. And other than medals for participation I have certainly never won any awards.

Well that all changed this past weekend. Two weeks ago Kate noticed a banner advertising an upcoming fun run and convinced me that we should sign up. Sure why not? It was a great opportunity to do something active and maybe meet some new people in process.

Saturday morning we awoke early (4:30am) to make it downtown for the 6:00am start time. Upon arrival we quickly realized we were 3 of the maybe 20 runners signed up for the 10km portion of the run with maybe 1,000+ school age participants competing in the 3K and 5K portions. 

I wish I could report that my race results we stellar but sadly, thanks to a persistent cough all week I struggled to even finish the race. Yes that's right I finished last (or rather hardly finished at all) but that didn't stop me from placing 3rd overall in the Female Division.  Kate on the other hand, ran her fastest 10K yet and placed 2nd!

Firth, Kate and I at the start line before the race.

The top school in the 3K Fun Run Division accepting their winning price of 5000 pesos worth of sports equipment.

Posing for a photo with Mannix  Ortega (one of the provincial counselors and some what of minor celebrity) and his basketball team "Think God".

Showing off our winnings!

- Meghan

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