Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Impressions

Hey everyone!

Please bare with us while we try to figure out this whole video blogging process. For now, pictures and text will have to do...

Driving through Manila...God help us

Yes we have an apartment with two rooms. Yes we are still sleeping together in one room

View from one of our three balconies from our apartment. Never mind the fact that our greywater pumps directly into our private beach...

San Fernando Beach Shed Area is a popular local beach area slated for redevelopment. The idea is to rebuild the beach sheds and properly treat the effluent from the beach shed toilets and showers using an Eco Tank

Why have a hot bath when you can take a dip in the South China Sea?

Fishermen's Village/ Eco-San Project

San Fernando Sanitary Landfill

This is a Pilot Demonstration Project in Urban Agriculture using a vertical aquafarming technique (or fish condo if you will). The project requires low energy and financial inputs and will hopefully have high returns for the Barangay when the catfish are ready to be sold to market. Fantastic idea!

San Fernando's Claim to Fame: The Botanical Gardens

There has been no shortage of swag given to us. This is a collection of free stuff given to us by the mayor. We have already started a small collection of "face" mugs in our kitchen.

No-meat goodness!!!

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